TC Electronic Free TonePrint Editor Available Now

Published 8 years ago on April 8, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

TC Electronic Free TonePrint Editor AvailableNow -

TC Electronicannounces immediate availability of the much anticipated TonePrintEditor, the free software that allows guitarists and bassists tocraft their own version of a TonePrint effect pedal. Following themassive success of TonePrint pedals and signature effects by thebest in music today, the guitar community has been screaming foraccess to the TonePrint pedal parameters in order to create theirown custom sounds. TC Electronic has not been deaf to the massivedemands and is pleased to announce the TonePrint Editor as acompletely free download at

The Toneprint Editor allows guitarists to build their own customversion of a Toneprint editor from the ground up, from sounds tothe range of knobs and everything in between. An intuitiveslider-based UI, realtime changes and easy storing of sounds allowsguitarists and bassists alike to easily and quickly craft thesounds they want to hear and pair them with the best TC Electroniceffects out there.

But what really sets the TonePrint editor apart is the depthwith which guitarists and bassists can craft tones. Far from'be-all-end-all' pedals where the only real difference is whichpreset you load into the pedal, the TonePrint Editor starts atzero, and from there anything is possible, from the function andrange of knobs to effect parameter behavior and everything inbetween.

Tore Mogensen, Product Manager for Guitar at TC Electronicadds:

"TonePrint turned into the perfect storm. Guitarists love theeffects and love to download TonePrints via the app and web andbecause they dug the sounds made by famous guitarists so much,their desire to have a go at it themselves grew. That made us wantto deliver the editor to the guitar community because TonePrintunique in the amount of sounds that truly represent everyone whoplays guitar. From the biggest star to the dedicated tone tweakersout there - it's all of us making these great sounds. I love thethought of a young aspiring guitarist maybe creating the nextclassic reverb tone and people taking it and tweaking it toperfection - or what they see as perfection, anyway. It's a reallyorganic and cool way of looking at things and since we offer theeditor for free, everyone can join in. We also have plans forexpansion of this concept in the future!"

TonePrint Editor Main Features

• Build Custom Versions of Renowned TC Effects fromScratch
• Complete Control over All Effect Parameters and EffectBehavior
• Customizable Knob Functions and Knob Range
• Intuitive Slider-based Interface
• Live Auditioning of Sounds - Make changes on the fly and getdirect results
• Absolutely Free!
• Available for PC and Mac.


Toneprin -editor -screenshot -v1


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