Supro Comet Now Available in the UK

Published 6 years ago on October 19, 2016

By Jonathan Graham

Now available and shipping in the UK and Europe is the Supro Comet. This high-gain, low-wattage 1x10 combo with reverb, tremolo and switchable power is designed to be the ideal recording amplifier, cranking out 6 Watts or 14 Watts of screaming-hot vintage tone with an on-board option to drench your sound in tube-driven reverb and tremolo.

The preamp found in the Comet delivers warm, blooming clean tones up until 12-o'clock on the volume knob. Past noon, the Comet's voice rolls over into Supro crunch, giving way to singing, violin-like overdrive at full volume. The Comet is remarkably high-gain for a vintage-flavoured amp, and it nails that sweet-spot without being too loud for comfort.

The Comet's vintage-correct tremolo effect occurs in the preamp, before the reverb. This 12AX7-based tremolo circuit allows for wider overall speed range and a deeper effect as compared to our louder models where the tremolo happens in the power tubes, after the reverb.

The power amp found in the Comet uses a single 6L6 tube with switchable plate voltage to achieve studio-and-practice-friendly 6 Watts or a more robust 14 Watts for stage use. The overdrive that occurs within the Comet's "single-ended" Class-A output stage is rich in even-order harmonics and soaked in tube compression. True to the legacy of the original, microphone-friendly Supro combos, the Comet's exceptional dynamics and low noise performance make it an ideal recording amp.

The Comet is dressed in 1959 Supro cosmetics, with Black Rhino Hide tolex, black piping, white welting and a gold faceplate. Similar in construction to our award- winning Black Magick and Supreme amplifier models, there is no beam blocker in front of the Comet's custom-made CR10 speaker, facilitating maximum throw and crystal-clear treble response from this compact all-tube masterpiece.

 Also available is a matching BD12-loaded 1x12 extension cabinet (1700 £449 UK rrp). This can be hooked up to the Comet, bringing the overall speaker impedance load down to 4-ohms to deliver maximum punch and additional stage volume for gigs.

The 1610 Comet, and the entire line of Supro amps are hand-assembled by Absara Audio in Port Jefferson, NY, USA.


· High-gain preamp
· All-tube tremolo and reverb
· 6-Watts or 14-Watts switchable power
· Single-ended "Class-A" power amp
· 1 × 10" custom-voiced Supro CR10 speaker
· EXT speaker jack for matching extension cabinet
· 3x JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes
· 1x JJ 12AT7 preamp tube
· 1x Sovtek 5881/6L6WGC power tube
· 17 5/8" x 7 1/2" x 15 1/2" - 44.7 x 19 x 39.4 cm
· 33.6 lbs - 15.3 kg
· Gold faceplate
· 1959 cosmetics with Black Rhino Hide tolex
· Assembled in NY, USA

For more information on Supro Comet.


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