Soundgarden New Album To Be Released In November

Published 9 years ago on August 16, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

According to  Rolling Stone, rocklegends  Soundgarden have set a November 13release  date fortheir new album. Despite not yet announcing a title for the album,guitarist Kim Thayil tells the magazine "It re-establishes that westill rock, we're still heavy, and we're still a littleweird." The CD will feature trackslike  "Blood On The ValleyFloor" and  "A Thousand Days Before",the latter of which "has a little Indian thing and somechicken-pickin',"  Thayil says. "We call it'country and eastern.'"

After reuniting in 2010,  the band set aboutwriting and recording their first album of new material since1996's 'Down On The Upside'.

The group's  new  song "Live To Rise" recently topped the  Active Rockradio chart. The track was taken from  "AvengersAssemble", the companion soundtrack to the blockbustermovie  "The Avengers".



Soundgarden singer  Chris Cornellrecently revealed in an interview with the New York Times that there are still 15 songs fromthe band's earliest days that have yet to be recorded andreleased.  Cornell explained, "It was thefirst 15 we wrote. It was on a cassette that Kim [Thayil, guitarist] always referred toas 'The First 15. We were a band for a couple of years before wereally did much (recording) . . . when we would go in to record, wetended to record the newest things we had written, because it waswhat we were most excited about."

Cornell continued that as a result, some of thatearlier material got left behind. He said, "We just got together inour room and started writing songs and did it very quickly. Andthen we would sit around and discuss what that sounds like, andthen over time, I think we would maybe be critical about some ofthe things we were writing and playing and excited about some ofthe new stuff we were bringing into the band."






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