Sonuus Releases the Wahoo Filter Pedal

Published 8 years ago on September 25, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

The new Sonuus Wahoo Pedal is a unique dual analogue wahand filter stomp box where each of the filters can be configured aslow-pass or band-pass and operate independently in wah pedal,envelope, LFO, and pitch-tracking modes.


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Press Release - Sonuus Limited announcethe highly-anticipated release of the Wahoo wah/filter pedal forguitar and bass, following its launch at The NAMM Show 2012.

The Wahoo is a dual analogue filter stomp box where each filtercan be configured as low-pass or band-pass and operateindependently in wah pedal, envelope, LFO, and pitch-trackingmodes. The warm-sounding fully analogue signal path is digitallycontrolled for precision, configurability and adaptability. Whetheryou want to recreate the character of vintage wah/filter pedals orbreak new sonic barriers, the Wahoo can do it for you.

The filters have a wide frequency range of 10Hz-4kHz, and wideresonance range from flat to self-oscillation. Moreover, resonanceis not fixed, but can be varied dynamically so it can track thecutoff frequency to further expand your creative possibilities:from the funkiest filtered bass to the subtlest of tonalvariations.

A mixer allows the amount of each filter in the effect to becontrolled, and allows the dry signal to be mixed into the output.It also has a drive control to let you overdrive the filter to makeit so warm it fizzes.

Packed with innovations such as a unique patent-pending pedalsensor for super-fine precision control that will never wear out,Transparent-True-Bypass giving all the benefits of true-bypasswithout the switching noise and an ultra-bright display that isreadable outdoors but can also be dimmed when required.

The sturdy, lightweight aluminium chassis, paired with modernrobust electronic design ensures that the Wahoo will stand up tothe demands of the toughest gigs. Powered by DC, battery or USB,and with modern- yet-retro-styling, you can be confident it willfit into your rig.

Analogue with the convenience of digital: the Wahoo has 100expertly-crafted factory presets and can store 100 user presets,allowing instant access to your favourite settings. With on-pedalcontrol for instant tweakability and a USB connection for softwareediting and MIDI automation, the Wahoo is the perfect solution forthe performing musician.

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