Rotosound Extend Guitar String Range With New 8 String Set

Published 8 years ago on February 26, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Rotosound Extend Guitar String Range With New 8 StringSet -

As music evolves so do Rotosound strings. The new8-string set has been added to the range as a direct result of theever-changing world of music. Today more and more musicians aremoving to 8-string guitars as new styles appear and they find 6 or7 strings are simply not enough to express themselvesmusically.

The new 8-string set (R10-8) comes as part of the much loved'Rotos Yellow' series and delivers a smooth powerful tonethat lasts and lasts. The gauges in the new set are 10, 13,17,30w,42w, 54w, 64w and 74w (where w denotes a wound string). The extrastrings allow you to set free crashing lows and help you achievenew depths of heavy chords. The additional 64w and 74w stringsoffer deep rich tones and with a bottom B and F♯ you will now beable to make the ground rumble!

These nickel on steel strings are made to the same exactingstandards as all Rotosound strings using materialsand secret techniques unique to them. Their British tone, long lifeand unbeatable consistency make these a must for the discerning8-string guitar player. Go on - explore the hidden depths, thedarker side of your musical personality. Not for thefaint-hearted!

World renowned guitarist Alex Hutchings is nowusing the new Rotosound 8-string set as seenbelow.

Alex Hutchings & Jack Thammarat 8 String Full lengthJam


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