Roland Announces The G-5A VG Stratocaster

Published 8 years ago on January 22, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

A 100% American StandardStratocaster with the added power and versatility of a RolandV-Guitar.


PRESS RELEASE - The G-5A VG Stratocasterbrings you the power and versatility of Roland's V-Guitartechnology in a top-level, limited-edition instrument made in theU.S.A. Built in the Fender factory in Corona, California, the G-5Ais a 100-percent authentic American Standard Stratocaster guitar,complete with a gorgeous Candy Apple Red finish and 22-fret mapleneck with rosewood fingerboard. Enhancing the classic Strat soundand functionality are onboard Roland COSM electronics that providea universe of modeled electric and acoustic guitar sounds. Theamazing G-5A gives you the ability to completely change your toneat a moment's notice, with fingertip access to a library of covetedvintage instruments, plus a selection of COSM-powered "idealperformance" pickups that deliver a unique, modern edge. To top itoff, alternate tunings and 12-string sounds are instantly availablefor any COSM guitar tone, all with a simple twist of a knob!


  • Authentic American Standard Stratocaster infused with COSMtechnology
  • Modeled instruments onboard, plus unique pickup tones such asthe extended-range "Bright Humbucker" and full, bold "Wide Range"single coil
  • Instantly accessible alternate tunings and 12-string sounds forall COSM guitar tones
  • Simple operation based on the Stratocaster design concept
  • Classic Candy Apple Red finish
  • 22-fret maple neck with rosewood fingerboard


* The G-5A VG Stratocaster is a limited-edition modelavailable at authorized V-Guitar Station dealers.

Roland VGA52

Powered by Roland's amazing COSM technology, the VG Stratocasterguitar gives you an entire collection of world-class tones to pickand choose from, all in the same instrument. At your fingertips are25 pickup and instrument tones, plus alternate tunings and12-string sounds. Take a single guitar to the gig and change toneseffortlessly, instead of having to switch out instruments everytime you need a different sound or tuning.

Using the VG Stratocaster's five-way pickup selector and Modeknob, you can access a wide range of modeled tones, includingvintage Strat, Telecaster®, fat humbuckers, and even an archtopjazz box. Also onboard are unique, modern pickup sounds realizedwith COSM, including "Wide Range" single-coil variations and two"Bright Humbucker" options. Steel- and nylon-string acoustic tonesare available as well, plus a neat, retro electric sitar sound. Ofcourse, you can always dial up the built-in single-coil pickups anduse the VG Stratocaster as a conventional guitar, bypassing theCOSM section entirely.

Along with the great COSM instruments, the VG Stratocaster givesyou the ability to change your tuning without touching the tuningkeys! With any COSM tone, a quick twist of the Tuning knob lets youdial up Drop D, DADGAD, Baritone, or Open G tunings. Also availablevia the Tuning knob are 12-string tones, which can be applied toany COSM guitar sound.


Watch Roland's video demo:






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