Rocktron Introduces Mainline Power Amplifier

Published 5 years ago on January 29, 2016

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): Rocktron takes another step in their lengthy history of guitar power amplifiers with the new Mainline Power Amplifier, providing yet more diversity to the rack power amp genre. Going after amazing tube amp “feel” in a solid state power amp with a new front end circuit that emulates that sought after sensation found in tube amps, the Mainline delivers in spades.

With LA Custom designed filtering, the sweet spot in tube emulation has been achieved. Combine that with carefully derived tone controls and the Mainline decisively stays away from typical hi-fi amp flat response commonly found in rack power amps, a game changer in terms of both sound and feel.

The Mainline Power Amplifier features additional circuitry providing an “instrument/line level” (INST/LINE) switch. The INST input allows you to run your pedals, (or pedal board) directly into the amp without having to utilize a separate preamp. (normally required by typical power amps as they have no preamp).

The LINE input allows use of a preamp in combination with the Mainline power amp providing plenty of flexibility with the Mainline.

Rocktron has covered the bases in a great sounding, super responsive power amp. It’s like having a “head” in a single rack space.

The Mainline provides 300 watts of power; 150 watts per channel when used in stereo, or 300 watts mono bridged into an 8 ohm load. The Mainline includes a 115/230 VAC selector switch.




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