Radial Introduces the Catapultâ„¢ 4-Channel Audio Snake

Published 8 years ago on April 8, 2016

By Jonathan Graham

Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the Radial Catapultâ„¢  - a 4-channel audio snake that lets you send analog and AES digital audio signals over standard cat-5 shielded twisted pair cable. This enables system contractors to take advantage of pre-wired networks to connect one room to another and allows stage techs to take advantage of the relatively low cost of this abundantly available cable for return snakes or for transporting channels of balanced audio across a large stage.

Available in six configurations, the Catapult features a choice of three input modules and three output modules. Each input module features four XLR inputs along with two Neutrik Ethercon outputs and four additional XLR outputs. Output modules feature Ethercon input, throughput and two sets of XLR outputs. These may be ordered without transformers for sub snakes or to transmit AES audio signals; with mic isolation transformers for signal splitting between FOH, monitors or the recording system; or with line level isolation transformers to eliminate system noise. A ground lift switch is available at each end for the Ethernet cable connection to help eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

  • TX4 Transmit module with 4 XLR-F inputs and 4 XLR-M outputs
  • TX4M Transmit module with 4 XLR inputs and 4 mic level (-40~0dB) isolated XLR-M outputs
  • TX4L Transmit module with 4 XLR inputs and 4 line level (-20~+15dB) isolated XLR-M outputs
  • RX4 Receive module with two sets of 4 XLR-M outputs
  • RX4M Receive module with 4 mic-level (-40~0dB) isolated XLR-M outputs and 1 set of pass-through XLR-Ms
  • RX4L Receive module with 4 line-level (-20~+15dB) isolated XLR-M outputs and 1 set of pass-through XLR-Ms 

As with all Radial products, the Catapult design begins with a heavy steel construction made to handle the rigors of live touring along with a heavy duty powder coat finish to keep your Catapult looking good for years!  Protective bar around the connectors keeps things safe while providing a handle for carrying.

For more information on Radial's Catapult 4-Channel Audio Snake.


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