Radial Engineering Announce Release of MR5 MIDI Signal Translator

Published 5 years ago on March 18, 2016

By Jonathan Graham

Radial Engineering Ltd. Is pleased to announce that the MR5 is now shipping.

The MR5 is a MIDI signal translator that allows you to use a MIDI controller to control the JX44, JX42 or any other Radial products that use the JR5 footswitch. The MR5 converts the MIDI data stream from the controller to the same data format used by the JR5, allowing the musician to handle instrument and amplifier switching with a sequencer, control pedal or any other MIDI control setup.

The MR5's MIDI input and thru allow it to be daisy-chained with other MIDI devices. Dedicated 'Guitars' and 'Amps' XLR outputs connect to the JR5 inputs on the JX44 and other Radial products. A side access DIP switch enables the user to dedicate the MR5 to a single MIDI channel, or select Omni mode. Instrument switching on the JX44 or JX42 can be controlled by MIDI control changes while the amplifier switching on the JX44 can be controlled via control changes, program changes or both simultaneously. The MR5 can be used in conjunction with the JR5 so the musician can still enjoy the convenience of a stage remote alongside MIDI control.

XLR cables connect the MR5 to the JR5 inputs on various Radial products, while MIDI equipment connects with standard 5-pin DIN cables. Because the host Radial product automatically powers the MR5, no external power supply is required.

For more information on Radial Engineering's MR5 MIDI Signal Translator.


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