Professional Guitar and Bass Tones at Affordable Prices

Published 8 years ago on November 26, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Professional Guitar and Bass Tones at Affordable Prices-

Worldwide independent musical instrument trade distributor JohnHornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. has announce a brand new range ofKinsman guitar and bass amplifiers.

Comprising four guitar and four bass combos, the series isspecced to provide professional quality tones at affordable prices,with a range of volume levels and features to suit players of anytype or ability.

The big daddy of the line is the 100-watt, 2x12 Kinsman K100GFX.At £299 UK RRP, the K100GFX is easily loud enough for any gig andcomes ready to rock! The K100GFX features two channels that willtake you from shimmering clean tones to extra-thick distortion, aswell as eight 24-bit digital FX (choose from Reverb, Echo, Chorus,Flanger and more). Like all the Kinsman guitar combos, the K100GFXfeatures a blue jewel power indicator light, chrome effect controlknobs, and vintage style cloth grille.

The 50-watt Kinsman K50GFX (£169 UK RRP) features a 10-inchspeaker, two channels and 24-bit digital effects. The Lead channelhas two High-Gain preamp choices, and both channels share commonBass, Middle and Treble EQ controls. Other features include anexternal speaker jack, headphone jack, and a CD/Tape input.

The Kinsman K25GFX (£129 UK RRP) offers 25 watts of power and an8-inch speaker, making it perfect for rehearsals or smaller gigs.Like its bigger brothers, it has two channels, loads of FX andstacks of great other features. Meanwhile, the diminutive 15-wattK15GFX (£69.99 UK RRP) combines 15 watts of power with atwo-channel (Clean/Lead) design, a 3-band EQ and Reverb/DelayFX.

For bassists, the 25-watt Kinsman K25B (£89.99 UK RRP) and the15-watt K15B (£64.99 UK RRP) feature 8-inch speakers, active EQsand a built-in, circuit-protecting Limiter. The 50-watt K50B (£169UK RRP), with its 10-inch speaker, and the 100-watt, 12-inchspeaker K100B (£279 UK RRP) are equipped with more features -including 8 fantastic 24-bit digital FX - and are loud enough tocover a wide range of playing environments. Built to last withheavy vinyl covering, protective corners and metal speaker grilles,the Kinsman bass amps are pure rhythm machines!


Kinsmen 2


Kinsmen 3


The Kinsman amps range is in stores now, so make sure you checkthem out when you get the chance.

Visit the JHS website for more info and the full specs of thewhole range, and check out the exclusive first video review of theKG100GFX here:



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