Pre-Order the World's First All-Tube Modeling Preamplifier

Published 7 years ago on November 7, 2016

By Jonathan Graham

Black Widow Audio Designs is proud to announce pre-production of the revolutionary MGP-1A All-Tube Modeling Preamplifier has begun.To celebrate, we are making 20 units available for pre-order starting November 3rd, 2016 at $200 off the M.A.P. price. These units will be the first to ship and come with our 18-day satisfaction guarantee.

The revolutionary MGP-1A is the result of almost 8 years of research and development and is the first preamplifier to offer guitar preamplifier modeling with an all-tube, all-analog signal path. The unit features 18 preamplifier models which are derived from the most iconic guitar amplifiers in history. Each model comes complete with its own unique gain and volume controls, 3-band tone stack and various selectable voicing switches.

Modeling is accomplished by the company's patent pending VEnuMâ„¢ All-tube Modeling Technology which reconfigures the internal vacuum tube circuitry for ultra-realistic tone; realism that cannot be achieved through digital or other means.

Designed to be easy for anyone to use, the MGP-1A takes the form of a 3 channel preamplifier where every feature and option has a dedicated front panel control. The MGP-1A's clean channel takes its cue from dual input vintage amplifiers with bright and normal channels and even allows you to bridge them internally, recreating the old 'jumpered input'


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