Ozzy Osbourne To Release 'Memoirs Of A Madman' CD, Two-Disc DVD

Published 10 years ago on July 24, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

Metal's darkest son, pioneering frontman and icon, Ozzy Osbourne will be releasing a new solo career-spanning retrospective on both CD and DVD.

Set for release on October 7th, the aptly titled 'Memoirs of a Madman' will focus on Ozzy's audio and video history.

The album disc will feature 17 classic Ozzy singles and it will be released in single-CD, two-LP and two-LP picture disc formats.

However, the DVD will feature two-discs filled with music videos, unreleased and out-of-print live performances plus interviews from his solo career.

The album artwork has already been unveiled and fans can now check out a trailer for the collection, here.

Asides from the standard CD and DVD, there are also plans for a number of autographed limited edition fan bundles available. Check here for additional details.

'Memoirs of a Madman' CD track listing

01. Crazy Train
02. Mr. Crowley
03. Flying High Again
04. Over The Mountain
05. Bark At The Moon
06. The Ultimate Sin
07. Miracle Man
08. No More Tears (edit)
09. Mama, I'm Coming Home
10. Road To Nowhere
11. Perry Mason
12. I Just Want You
13. Gets Me Through
14. Dreamer
15. I Don't Wanna Stop
16. Life Won't Wait
17. Let Me Hear You Scream

Ozzy Osbourne, ‘Memoirs of a Madman’ DVD Track List

Disc 1: The Music Videos

‘Bark At the Moon’
‘So Tired’
‘The Ultimate Sin’
‘Lightning Strikes’
‘Crazy Train’
‘Miracle Man’
‘Crazy Babies’
‘Breaking All the Rules’
‘No More Tears’
‘Mama, I’m Coming Home’
‘Mr. Tinkertrain’
‘Time After Time’
‘Road to Nowhere’
‘I Don’t Want to Change the World’ (Live)
‘Perry Mason’
‘I Just Want You’
‘See You on the Other Side’
‘Back on Earth’
‘Gets Me Through’
‘In My Life’
‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’
‘Let Me Hear You Scream’
‘Life Won’t Wait’
‘Let It Die’

Bonus Content:

‘Mama, I’m Coming Home (alternate version)’
‘The Making of Let Me Hear You Scream’
‘The Making of Life Won’t Wait’

Disc 2:

‘I Don’t Know’ (Rochester, N.Y. 1981)
‘Suicide Solution’ (Rochester, N.Y. 1981)
‘Mr. Crowley’ (Rochester, N.Y. 1981)
‘Crazy Train’ (Rochester, N.Y. 1981)
‘Over the Mountain’ (Ozzy’s Bunker, Albuquerque, N.M. 1982)
‘Fairies Wear Boots’ clip (MTV, New York, N.Y. 1982)
‘Entertainment USA’ (Ozzy’s Bunker 1984)
‘Bark at the Moon’ (Kansas City, Mo. 1986)
‘Never Know Why’ (Kansas City, Mo. 1986)
‘Killer of Giants’ (Ozzy’s Bunker)
‘Thank God for the Bomb’ (Ozzy’s Bunker)
‘Secret Loser’ (Ozzy’s Bunker)
‘Bloodbath in Paradise’ (Ozzy’s Bunker, Philadelphia, Pa. 1989)
‘Tattooed Dancer’ (Ozzy’s Bunker, Philadelphia, Pa. 1989)
‘Miracle Man’ (Ozzy’s Bunker, Philadelphia, Pa. 1989)
‘Bark at the Moon’ clip (MTV 1989, Marquee, U.K., 1991)
‘I Don’t Want to Change the World’ (San Diego, Calif. 1992 Studio)
‘Road to Nowhere’ (San Diego, Calif. 1992 Studio)
‘No More Tears’ (Ozzy’s Bunker, Japan 1992)
‘Desire’ (Studio 1992)
‘Mama I’m Coming Home’ (MTV 1992)
‘Ozzmosis Recording Session’ (1995)
‘Perry Mason’ (Ozzfest 1996)
‘Gets Me Through’ (Fame & Fortune, Tokyo, Japan 2001)
‘Not Going Away’ (Fame & Fortune, Ozzfest 2007)
‘Black Rain’ (Photo Shoot)
‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’ (Las Vegas, Nev. 2007)
‘Scream Recording Session’ (2010)
‘Let Me Hear You Scream’ (London, England 2010)

Bonus Material:

‘Flying High Again’ (Philadelphia, Pa. 1989)
‘Believer’ (Tokyo, Japan 2001)

Ozzy Solo

Ozzy - Memoirs of a Madman (Teaser)


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