New Danelectro '66T/BT and '59X/XT guitars

Published 6 years ago on June 19, 2018

By Jonathan Graham

New tricks from the Danelectro '66

The instantly identifiable Danelectro '66 guitar is back for 2018, in all its rockin' retro glory, but now with a modern day twist. The '66T takes everything you loved about its near-perfect predecessor and adds a brand new feature that really puts the fun in functionality.

Replacing the adjustable wraparound bridge, the '66T comes equipped with a Wilkinson Vibrato bridge, allowing you to articulate open string picking, chord play and lead work with everything from subtle pitch bending to guttural double octave drops. The best bit? Thanks to its unique design and a spot of clever engineering, the Wilkinson system avoids the pitfalls associated with traditional pivot bridge systems, reliably returning your strings to pitch time and time again. 

The '66T's semi-hollow body, providing bags of resonance, is paired with a solid centre block to put some some real muscle behind the hustle, and the unique Danelectro combination of vintage sytyle single in the neck position with twin lipstick humbucking pickups in the bridge equips the guitar with some serious sound-sculpting possibilities.

Volume and Tone is adjusted by a simple pair of master pots, with the tone control also doubling up as a push/pull switch to release the humbucker's coil tap facility. 

Are you the type who likes to lower the tone? Then check out the '66BT Baritone model. Identical to the '66T in looks, high-spec construction and ease of playability, the Baritone sings with a deeper, more sonorous voice and penetrates to depths not possible with a standard 6 string.

The ‘66T is available in Transparent Orange, Transparent Blue, Gloss Black and 3 Tone Sunburst; The ‘66BT is available in 3 Tone Sunburst, Transparent Blue and Transparent Red. 

Whether you take the high road or the low road in 2018, make sure you dial in your Tone to a T.

Danelectro '59X Electric Guitar Meet the X

Danelectro has taken one hugely successful electric guitar and made it even better for 2018. 

Everything that made the Danelectro '59 one of the bestselling guitars in the world remains unchanged; a chambered body provides outstanding resonance, the shorthorn, double cutaway design ensures unhindered access to each of the 21 frets, and the use of super-light masonite guarantees that you'll find the '59X far easier to pick up than it is to put down.

The '59X's durable construction and vivid visual appeal is complemented by a fabulous new feature set which takes the guitar's tonal variation and versatility into unchartered territory.

The '59X's pair of stacked tone and volume pots and 3-way pickup selector control a unique pickup configuration. An offset, high-output single coil pickup in the neck position provides plump and rounded rhythm chords and bell-like clarity for bluesters; flick to the bridge position and engage the Lipstick® Humbucker pair for everything from clucking country clean lines and primal power chords, to scorching legato leads. And the fun doesn't stop there. One pull on the tone knob unlocks the '59X's secret weapon, engaging the Lipstick® Humbucker pair's coil tap function for added articulation and tonal possibilities.

Still not satisfied? Try the '59XT. Equipped with the same pickup combination and high-quality hardware as the '59X, the '59XT sports a Wilkinson Vibrato system for hassle-free pitch bending, steadfast tuning stability and adjustable bar tension. Wang away without worry – the Wilkinson has you covered.

The '59X is available in Cream, Dark Blue, Dark Red and Black.

The '59XT is available in Gloss Black, Aqua, Burgundy and Silver.

You and the X...a match made in heaven!

For more information on the full Danelectro range visit


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