NAMM 2013: Wampler Announce Tom Quayle Signature Pedal

Published 8 years ago on January 23, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Wampler Pedals has announced an exciting new addition to itsever growing line of boutique effects. The new Wampler Dual Fusionis designed and built with Guitar Interactive's very own TomQuayle. 

Tom was on hand at the show to demonstrate the features andsounds of this exciting new pedal. Watch the video below....



Wampler say this about the new pedal: 

Sometime in mid 2011 we received an emailfrom  Tom Quayle showing an interest inour pedals. So, after some discussion Tom bought a  Euphoria and a  Paisley Drive. From the moment he pluggedthem in, his tone had been taken a huge step forward.

When playing high energy Fusion, you need dirt that followsevery move you make. It needs to allow the guitar to work andrespond perfectly, and with Wampler Pedals, Tom foundthis. 


When we got to meet Tom in person that following January inNAMM, a discussion took place where Tom told us what he loved aboutthat combination and what wasn't quite working. We loved histhoughts. At the show, a concept was born that took just over 12months to be realized. Once you get to know Tom, you notice twothings. Firstly, his playing is out of this world. His knowledge ofthis fretboard and immaculate phrasing makes him one of the standout Fusion guitarists playing today. Secondly, he's just a goodguy. Some may say he's a Gentleman; basically - he's the type ofplayer, the type of person, we like and the type of person we areproud to work closely with.


So, what was that idea? It was quite simple (well, itappeared that way). Take those two circuits, highlight the mostusable tones, modify them extensively to ensure that they stackperfectly and then put them in the the same box. Also, make thestacking switchable... C1 into C2, or C2 into C1. While you arethere, seperate them with dedicated inputs/outputs should you use alooper switching system. Basically, make it as versatile anduseable as possible.


Upon receiving the first proto type, Tom said "The majorimprovement is just how amp-like the response is. In thatdepartment I have never played a pedal that is as good as this. Itsounds exactly like a gainy tube amp and feels like one too. It'svery exciting and fun to play through - you totally forget thatyou're playing a pedal."

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