NAMM 2013: VOX Announces MINI5 Rhythm Portable Modeling Amplifier

Published 8 years ago on January 25, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

VOX Amplification has announced theaddition of the  Mini5Rhythm to its amplifier lineup. Vox say that bycombining modeling technology, flexible battery or AC power,effects and rhythm patterns, the 5-Watt Mini5 Rhythm is ideal forany performer in need of a portable, full-featuredamplifier,


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PRESS RELEASE - VOX Amplification has added theMini5 Rhythm to its amplifier lineup. Combining renowned VOXmodeling technology, flexible battery or AC power, effects andrhythm patterns, the 5-Watt Mini5 Rhythm is ideal for any performerin need of a portable, full-featured amplifier.

The Mini5 Rhythm provides 11 highly accurate amplifier models,starting with the coveted VOX British tone and including classichistoric amps, intense hi-gain amps, and rare "boutique"amplifiers. In addition, a clean, non-distorting amp modelpreserves the natural quality of any acoustic instrument and canalso accommodate a keyboard. A total of eight effects are on-board:compressor; chorus; flanger; and tremolo; plus two reverbs and twodelays. One effect and one reverb/delay can be operatedsimultaneously. A Tap Tempo feature makes it easy to set the delaytime.

The Rhythm section can be used to help keep the beat, and alsoas a rhythm trainer for practicing and to accompany jam sessions.It includes 99 rhythms and metronome patterns, broken down bygenre.

In addition to an instrument input, the Mini5 Rhythm also offersa separate microphone input allowing the Mini5 Rhythm to functionas a portable P.A. system. A convenient AUX input is provided forjamming along to a CD or MP3, or for use with any audio source. Theheadphone output can be used for private practice, as a line outfor recording, or for using the Mini5 as a personal monitor whenhooked to larger sound system.

Designed for true mobility, the Mini5 Rhythm can run anywherefor up to 30 hours on six AA batteries; an AC adaptor is includedfor stationary use.

The VOX Mini5 Rhythm will be available Spring 2013 for a U.S.Street price of $159.99

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