MOOER GTRS Releases GWR4 Wireless Receiver

Published 2 weeks ago on September 22, 2023

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Lose the Cables—Increase Creativity, with MOOER’s GTRS PTNR GWR4 Wireless Receiver

Introducing MOOER’s latest addition: the GTRS PTNR GWR4 Wireless Receiver. This compact device packs quality and convenience, allowing musicians to release their creative output with ease.

The GTRS PTNR GWR4 Wireless Receiver pairs with the GWU4 INST plug (to be purchased separately) or GTRS S900/W900 Intelligent Guitar (which has a built-in wireless transmitter), and can receive signal within a 20-metre range. Simply plug the GWU4 INST into your instrument via the ¼ jack input, pair it with the GWR4 Wireless Receiver and record directly into a smartphone or tablet.

The GWR4 connects to a smart device via OTG cable, and with a low noise, low distortion circuit design, outputs high-quality audio. With optimized input dynamic technology, players can also enjoy realistic MOOER Intelligent Series Device tones.

Flexibility to Create 

The GWR4 can be used with any other digital effects pedal for full creative freedom when combined with GTRS PTNR GWU4 INSTTransmitter. With the GWU4 INST, it can also be used in conjunction with other outputs like the GWU4 ampReceiver, allowing players to enjoy amp output and record signal simultaneously. The GWR4 has both a 3.5” analogue output for headphone monitoring or speakersCan also monitor tracks from mobile device, and a USB output for charging/digital output to a smart device. 

Compact, Yet with a Quality Output 

The GTRS PTNR GWR4 certainly doesn’t compromise quality for its compact size. Though small, its dynamic design allows players to easily capture their sound whether on the go, at the studio or simply playing solo.  

Recording Your Way

With MOOER’s GTRS PTNR GWR4 Wireless Receiver, you can keep your set-up simple. With its lightweight design and seamless connectivity, you can create and capture wherever you go. Going wireless with the GWR4 means more time perfecting your sound, and less time dealing with complex recording setups. Cut out the cables and get straight to creating unique sounds with MOOER’s GWR4. 

MOOER GTRS GWR4 Wireless Receiver
MOOER GTRS GWR4 Wireless Receiver



● 4 switchable channels

● Wireless pairing with GWU4 INST plug (to be purchased separately) or GTRS Intelligent Guitar (with built-in wireless transmitter)

● Reachable within a 20-metre radius 

● 2 outputs (USB and 3.5” analogue)

● UHF low noise, low distortion circuit design

● Up to 5 hours battery life


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MOOER GTRS Releases GWR4 Wireless Receiver
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