MMG Distribution Debuts Ogre Tubeholic Overdrive Pedal

Published 10 years ago on June 10, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

After initial showings at NAMM and Musikmesse trade shows, MMG Distribution is now shipping the Ogre Tubeholic overdrive guitar effects pedal. The new pedal is the first in a series that has been designed to change what musicians can expect from their effects pedals. Looks alone are not what set these pedals apart from the competition, these pedals have been re-engineered to delivery top shelf tones and performance.

The Ogre Tubeholic utilizes a highly durable enclosure and features a sliding cockpit head cover to protect the settings during use.  Inside the cockpit are the Level, Tone and Gain control knobs that provide guitarists versatility in using the pedal for simple clean boosts, crunchy guitar rhythms or searing lead tones with enough versatility for everything in between.  The units piercing blue eyes house LED’s to indicate on/off functions.  Internally, the Tubeholic utilizes PCB construction to help prevent external sound interference and insure a quality signal between the input, controls and output.  While in the off position, the pedal maintains true bypass to eliminate any sacrifice of overall tone or sound degradation.

The Specs:

  • Controls: Level/Tone/Gain
  • Connectors: Input/Output/DC Input
  • Input Impedance: 500k
  • Output Impedance: 10k
  • Power Consumption: 6.5mA (power on)
  • Power Supply: DC 9v
  • Dimensions: 89mm(w) x 141mm(d) x  72mm(h)

Created by studio recording engineer Kim Sangkil, Ogre aims to exceed on three goals: Design, Durability, and Sound.  His career in the studio helped establish how the product would sound. But it was his ownership in Hankuk Precision that allowed him to deliver on the design and durability of the product.  His unique background in all three aspects forges the opportunity to achieve his goals.

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