Matamp Announce 2013 Amp Line-Up With New Website

Published 8 years ago on March 20, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Matamp announce 2013 ampline-up with new website



Britain's oldest surviving amp manufacturer of any note is setto reveal the 2013 line-up of guitar amplifiers and cabinets by wayof a completely redesigned website.

Matamp, whose amplifiers have always been hand built in Britain,are known for their rich, versatile tones achieved by carefullythought out circuitry rather than flogging the guts out of thecomponents. The range has been designed to cater for the musicianthat needs consistency in their tone from the rehearsal room,through the studio and the smaller gig, all the way through to thearena ear-bleeder.

Because of Matamp's policy of total hand-build, comparativelyfew are made per year than are by their factory built competitors,so there only a very few dealers stocking them in the UK; the meansby which most customers buy the equipment is simply to drivedirectly to the workshop in the knowledge that they are not payingdealer or distributor margins for the privilege of playing throughmost other brands.

The upside of buying directly from Matamp is that the customersare in a position to try as many amps as they need to in order tofind the one is best suited to their needs, and then to plug in tothe 'speaker wall' - simply a bank of 12 identical enclosures, eachloaded with different drivers - in order to nail the sound thatthey're looking for. The downside is a bit of a waiting list,unless the customer selects an amp/cab combination suited to themthat is in stock.

To see the 2013 Matamp line-up, please visit or call any ofthe team on 01484 854883.





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