Line 6 Releases AMPLIFi Remote v1.1, Now with Facebook and Twitter Integration

Published 10 years ago on May 15, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

AMPLIFi Remote v1.1 for iOS offers the growing AMPLIFi community even more incredible ways to discover, create, and share guitar tones.

Line 6, Inc. today announced the availability of AMPLIFi Remote v1.1 for iOS, which adds new features that make it even easier and more fun for guitarists to create and share guitar tones. The release of AMPLIFi Remote v1.1 builds on the growing momentum of the AMPLIFi product line by introducing tone sharing via Facebook and Twitter, enhanced search capabilities, plus other exciting features. Additionally, v1.1 firmware will soon be available for AMPLIFI 150 and 75, giving guitarists 100 onboard presets to access during live gigs.

“With features like automatic tone matching, plus the ability to share and rate tones via the cloud, AMPLIFi Remote for iOS has revolutionized the way guitarists discover, create, and share tones,” said Max Gutnik, Vice President of Products and Marketing, Line 6. “Now AMPLIFi Remote v1.1 introduces incredible new features that deepen the AMPLIFi experience and make playing guitar a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.”

AMPLIFi Remote for iOS works with AMPLIFi amps and multi-effect pedals, enabling guitar players to dial up amazing tones with unprecedented speed and precision. The app connects to an ever-expanding cloud database, allowing guitarists to instantly match tones to tracks in their music library. Since the AMPLIFi product family launched in January 2014, customers have created over 28,000 unique tones, while the number of tones available for tonematch results has nearly doubled.

AMPLIFi Remote v1.1 takes the AMPLIFi experience even further with seamless social media integration that allows guitarists to easily share their favorite guitar tones via Facebook and Twitter. Guitarists around the world can now discover and enjoy presets created by the community members they like and follow. The app also introduces improved search capabilities, giving guitarists even easier access to the amazing tones in the AMPLIFi cloud. This is a tremendous workflow enhancement for users who want to use tones from the cloud as a starting point for custom presets.

The app update includes numerous usability enhancements, including improvements to the innovative Line 6 tone match feature. In online mode, AMPLIFi Remote v1.1 automatically provides matching tone selections by searching both the ever-expanding AMPLIFi cloud and the user’s local My Tones library. Plus, tone match now works even when a guitarist is offline—by searching their local My Tones for potential results. Now guitarists can dial up great tone, no matter where they are.

Additionally, AMPLIFi v1.1 firmware will soon be available for AMPLIFi 150 and 75. The update gives guitarists access to 100 onboard presets, sorted by banks, so they can access all the presets they need for any gig.

AMPLIFi Remote v1.1 for iOS is now available via the Apple App Store.

AMPLIFi v1.1 firmware will be available soon via Line 6 Monkey.

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