Laney's Simultaneous Real Tube Amp & PLUGIN Release Sets New Industry Benchmark

Published 1 month ago on January 12, 2024

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Laney's Simultaneous Real Tube Amp & PLUGIN Release Sets New Industry Benchmark

Laney are are proud to announce the dual release of three new Black Country Customs upgraded IRONHEART tube amps and a matching IRONHEART PLUGIN.

A testament to raw power and unparalleled versatility, forged in the heart of the Black Country, England. The IRONHEART tube amp range is built upon the rich legacy that began decades ago with iconic amplifiers like the Laney KLIPP and AOR.

Born from the depths of a heritage steeped in craftsmanship and innovation, our IRONHEART range is the very essence of uncompromising tone and sheer power. Now forged in our renowned Black Country Customs UK workshop, each amplifier is meticulously handcrafted, combining exceptional features, upgraded technology, and the aggressive modern design that has resonated with musicians worldwide

"These celebrated amps stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled sound and performance," says Product Manager, Simon Fraser-Clark. "The IRONHEART range is not just an amplifier; it's a force to be reckoned with. It's about empowering musicians to conquer stages, leaving an indelible mark with their music."

30 Watt combo (BCC-IRT30-112)

Laney IRT30H
Laney IRT30H

Handcrafted in the UK, our Black Country Customs IRT30-112 is a 30 Watt, super flexible, modern sounding 1 x 12” combo.  Delivering lots of smooth high gain guitar tones and packed full of top end features, the IRT30-112 is an extremely versatile, aggressive sounding unit delivering plenty of low-end growl and punch.

With a tone Forged in Iron!

60 Watt head    (BCC-IRT60H)

Laney IRT60H
Laney IRT60H

Meticulously handcrafted in our UK workshop, the Black Country Customs IRT60H is a 60 Watt all tube head that has built up an outstanding reputation as a modern sounding high gain tone powerhouse.  It’s also packed full of features making it an extremely versatile, aggressive sounding amplifier.

120 Watt head  (BCC-IRT120H)

Laney IRT120H
Laney IRT120H

The Black Country Customs IRONHEART IRT120H is a monstrous 120 Watts of stunning tube tone. A thoroughly modern sounding amp, high gain, lots of smooth compression and packed full of features.  The BCC-IRT120H is an extremely versatile, aggressive sounding amplifier.  And just like the 30 Watt combo and 60 Watt head, it features a full 3-channel pre-amp with clean, rhythm and lead channels, plus an upgraded foots-witchable pre-boost section and a vari-watts control, that allows you to dial in your sound at any wattage level without compromising your tone, ever. Lovingly handcrafted in our UK workshop, our IRONHEARTs are Forged in Iron!

The IRONHEART amps have been enhanced with upgraded boost circuitry, elevating their already formidable sonic capabilities to new heights.

Digital Plugin

Laney Ironheart Plugin - Black Country Custom pedals and IRs
Black Country Custom IRs

For the first time in the history of guitar amplification, Laney introduces a matching digital IRONHEART PLUGIN to accompany the physical release of the real tube amps.

“Our partners, AURORA DSP, have beautifully mapped the topology of our brand new IRONHEARTs and encapsulated them into digital form, providing a fully operational digital version that can be used either as a standalone tone machine, or seamlessly integrated with your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)”.

"We're incredibly excited to unveil the IRONHEART PLUGIN. As a brand, Laney have always been creative thinkers and innovative designers and it’s an evolutionary step to offer the unparalleled flexibility and tonal possibilities of our awesome IRONHEARTs, in Digital form," adds Fraser-Clark. "This marks a significant milestone in the industry, merging the best of British analogue and digital technologies to cater to the evolving needs of modern musicians."

The IRONHEART PLUGIN includes all of the wonderful appointments of the analogue version, in addition to two Black Country Customs pedals, plotted in digital form too, plus a powerful suite of additional FX such EQ, Delay and Compression.


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