John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers 3 CD Set Released on March 18

Published 10 years ago on February 5, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers 3 CD Set Released on March 18 -

A trio of albums by British blues pioneers John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers is set to be reissued as a singles set for the first time by Eagle Rock Entertainment.

The albums - Stories, Road Dogs and In The Palace Of The King - will be a part of the recently announced Eagles Classics Series which will be released as a 3 CD set o March 18th 2014.

Stories, Road Dogs and In The Palace Of The King features such classics as 'Dirty Water,' 'Kids Got The Blues,' 'Road Dogs,' 'Awestruck & Spellbound,' 'Palace Of The King,' 'Going Down,' and 'Living On The Highway.'

Stories, released in 2002, is a mix of original songs and classics. Road Dogs, released in 2005, features fifteen original songs written by Mayall & The Bluesbreakers. Finally, 2007’s In The Palace Of The King is a stunning tribute to the late, great Freddie King.

It is quite an undertaking for any musician to release three albums within the course of one decade, however, this particular clutch of release proves that John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers are a formidable force of blues music and master musicianship. These three albums are a necessary addition to any blues fan’s collection.


1) Southside Story 
2) Dirty Water 
3) Feels Just Like Home 
4) Kids Got The Blues 
5) The Witching Hour 
6) Oh, Leadbelly 
7) Demons In The Night 
8) Pride And Faith 
9) Kokomo 
10) Romance Classified 
11) I Wished I Had 
12) Pieces And Parts 
13) I Thought I Heard The Devil 
14) The Mists Of Time

Road Dogs 

1) Road Dogs  
2) Short Wave Radio  
3) So Glad
4) Forty Days  
5) To Heal The Pain  
6) Burned Bridges  
7) Snake Eye  
8) Kona Village  
9) Beyond Control  
10) Chaos In The Neighbourhood  
11) You’ll Survive  
12) Awestruck & Spellbound  
13) With You  
14) Brumwell’s Beat  
15) Scrambling

In The Palace Of The King

1) You Know That You Love Me
2) Going Down
3) Some Other Day, Some Other Time
4) Palace Of The King
5) I’d Rather Be Blind
6) Time To Go
7) Big Legged Woman
8) Now I’ve Got A Woman
9) I Love You More Every Day
10) Help Me Through The Day
11) Cannonball Shuffle
12) You’ve Got Me Licked
13) King Of The Kings
14) Living On The Highway




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