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Published 9 years ago on March 21, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Matrix Guitar Amplification are proud to announce the release of the GM50, a versatile, lightweight, power amp module made for musicians who require a quality, high powered mono-bloc solution.

Carrying on from the great success of his 1u stereo rack mount GT800FX power amp, designer and company founder Andy Hunt took his 30 years expertise within the British amplifier industry and examined the existing solutions in the marketplace for guitarists. Realising most were based on Class D, Andy wanted to design an amp module that surpassed those solutions, to give guitarists the quality that he was able to offer with the GT800FX.

The GM50 was born.

Designed to be installed in a cab and weighing less than 2.5 kg, the GM50 is a Class AB amp that measures  L 312mm, W 160mm, H 65mm and outputs 400 Watts rms  at 4 Ω , 250 at 8 Ω  or 120 at 16 Ω. which provides enough clean headroom to make it comparable in output to a 50w tube amp (at 16 Ω),

Handling a full frequency range whilst delivering an uncoloured, flat response output, which is further refined to give a more open sound and "valve like feel" with clarity, enables the GM50 to take advantage of both modelling solutions and more traditional guitar pre-amps

The front of the amp has a combi Neutrik XLR & ¼" jack input along with the power input, power switch and gain knob.

Simple connectivity means that the GM50 will connect to your speakers, using the two wires coming from the rear of the amp,  without the need to select impedance and accepts 4 ohms and above, even non standard ratings. The fan keeps things running nice and cool whilst the rugged design can withstand the high pressures found in cabinets without compromising components or leaking unwanted noise through the unit.

Perfect if you're using a floor mounted or amp-top modeller and don't want to carry a separate amp, the mounting plate enables you to simply put the GM50 into a favourite passive guitar or full range cabinet, turning it into an all in one,ultraportable, active system.

Guitarists can utilise the GM50 to power 1x12, 2x12 or even a 4x12 cab for a simple setup or go for more complex ones such as using a favourite valve preamp to power a W/D/W system with the GM50 providing power in each of your cabs

You could even get your favourite cab builder to design you the perfect powered cab with the GM50 at its heart!

Priced at just £195* the GM50′s will be ready for shipping from April 2012. You can purchase directly from us at

* excluding vat and shipping, please note the price excludes duty and taxes outside of the EU

 Technical Details

  • Watts rms - 16 Ω: 120
  • Watts rms - 8 Ω: 250
  • Watts rms - 4 Ω: 400
  • Supply Voltage: 110V or 230V +/- 15%
  • Input Level Sensitivity: 0.7v / 0 dBu
  • Dimensions (mm): 312(L) x 160(W) x 65(H)
  • Weight:2.43 Kg


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