Hal Leonard Releases Definitive Rickenbacker Bass Book

Published 8 years ago on June 28, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Hal Leonard Releases Definitive Rickenbacker BassBook -

Ever since the mid-1950s, Rickenbacker basses have beenestablishing the musical bottom for rock, jazz, and funk.Rickenbacker's iconic 4001 bass is just one of nearly 40 distinctmodels produced in the last six decades. Players and collectorshave longed for a reference for the different models, features,finishes, and details. The Rickenbacker Electric Bass - 50 Years AsRock's Bottom provides hundreds of color photos and descriptions,along with the history to sort out the legend from the lore.

"I took a 'field guide' approach to the content, not justproviding the history and photos. Each model is illustrated with an'identifying features' page that uses close-up photos and calloutsto point out 'field marks' of that particular Rickenbacker bassmodel," says author and Rickenbacker aficionado PaulBoyer.

This book is for people like Boyer: bass players andcollectors. But musical instrument dealers, pawn shops, and auctionhouses will also find the book of great help when assessinginstruments. "There have been several books on Rickenbackerguitars," Boyer explains, "and some of them include mentions of thebasses. There are lots of books on electric basses, and some ofthem include mentions of Rickenbacker basses. But my book is theonly one devoted only to Rickenbacker basses."

The Rickenbacker Electric Bass - 50 years as Rock's Bottomtraces the history of the iconic guitar, from its prototypesthrough its explosion of popularity in such bands as the Beatles,Yes, Deep Purple, and Motörhead. Lavishly illustrated with archivalshots, this is a must-have book not only for anyone who plays theRick but for all bass players and those interested in theinstruments played by rock heroes of the 1960s through thepresent.


 Bass Rickenbacker Book


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