GJ2 Guitars Adds Plek for Perfect Frets

Published 10 years ago on October 23, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

GJ2 Guitars Adds Plek for Perfect Frets -

GJ2 Guitars is raising its production capabilities to a new level of precision with the addition of a plek station—a highly sophisticated, computerized fret-leveling and analyzing system made in Germany.

GJ2 will use the plek in the production of all new guitars as a standard feature. In addition, the company will offer the plek and other repair services (conducted under the supervision of GJ2 co-founder Grover Jackson) to both consumers and commercial clients such as repair stores, luthiers, and small guitar manufacturers.

Following installation at the GJ2 factory during the weekend of October 19–20, training in the use of the plek for both production and repair was led by Joe Glaser, a renowned guitar repair expert from Nashville.

Grover Jackson, Chief Mechanic and Visionary at GJ2, commented on the acquisition of the plek saying,

We’re always looking for ways to make our guitars play and sound even better. The plek will give us even greater control and precision in making the best possible guitar necks.”

Plek for Hire

GJ2 plek services are available through the company’s Lake Forest headquarters as an outsourcing facility for other small manufacturers and repair shops. With its adjacent paint shop, GJ2 Guitars is one of the few that can offer both plek and painting capabilities.

Plek-Perfect Frets

The computer-controlled plek device scans instruments under actual playing conditions (strung and tuned to pitch) and functions around that data. The plek shows what needs to be done for perfect fretwork, executes it rapidly, and delivers perfect results when the guitar is re-strung.

The plek is the invention of Gerd Anke, a musician and guitar teacher in Berlin who got involved in fret dressing and setting up guitars.

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For more information about plek, visit Plek.


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