GJ2 Combines Quality With Affordability in New Arete 3 Star Guitar

Published 9 years ago on August 2, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

GJ2 Combines QualityWith Affordability in New Arete 3 Star Guitar

GJ2, the Orange County-based guitar manufacturerfounded byGrover Jackson, has released a new model that combinesquality design and playability at an attractive price, the Arete(Ah-re-tay) 3 Star. The new line of guitars is made at the samefacility as the company's original top-of-the-line models, but isdesigned to meet the needs of players looking for USA-madecraftsmanship at a more accessible price point.

Construction is neck through body and uses Sapele, a visuallyand sonically beautiful wood. The Arete 3 Star comeswith"Habanero"pickups, which are designed and made in-house by GJ2.The guitars are offered with a choice of fixed bridge or tremolo.The tremolo model features theBladerunner "Supervee"tremolo unit,which offers great feel and tonal response.

Founder Grover Jackson, who personally oversees the constructionof each guitar, explained how GJ2 could offer USA-made quality atlower price. "We wanted more players to be able to enjoy awell-made guitar, so took out some of the fancier decorativetouches that don't affect the tone or playability. For example,instead of mother of pearl inlays on the fingerboard and head, the3 Star uses pearloid fret markers. This model also has a gig-baginstead of our super quality hard case. The 3 Star has the samegreat design and playability as our top model, but at a price thatmakes it more accessible."

The GJ2 Arete 3 Star electric is available in three strikinglooks: Natural, Midnight and Oxblood. Priced from $1,899, theguitar also includes a gig-bag and strap.

Founded in 2011, GJ2 Guitars is a Laguna Hills, CA,manufacturer of superior quality electric guitars. The companydesigns and performs all its own wood-crafting and creates nearlyall instrument components in-house, including pickups. Only thebest woods and materials are used. Great attention is paid toplayability, tone, and builds quality. Grover Jackson personallyoversees the production of each instrument.

For inquiries, including new dealers, please contact Jon Gold or949-325-4584 or 480-734-3821


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