Gibson Unveils 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue and F-5G Mandolins

Published 5 months ago on October 18, 2023

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Gibson Unveils 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue and F-5G Mandolins; Gibson’s Storied Legacy of Mandolins Have Created New Music Genres and Inspired Generations of Artists

The Gibson 1923 F-5 Master Model is the gold standard for mandolin tone, playability, and beauty. Generations of artists and entire music genres have been both created and influenced by Gibson’s storied mandolins.

For 130 years, Gibson has shaped sound across generations and genres of music, becoming one of the most relevant, played, and loved guitar brands around the world. Gibson Custom Shop has announced the launch of the 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue–a meticulous clone of the most legendary mandolin model of all time–alongside the F-5G, a reimagined version of the F-5, fine-tuned to the needs of modern players. The new 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue and F-5G mandolins from Gibson Custom Shop are now available worldwide at authorized Gibson Custom Shop dealers and on

To this day, a 1923 Gibson F-5 Master Model mandolin sets the pulses of bluegrass players racing. Every bit as iconic and sought-after as the 1959 Les Paul Standard and usually priced accordingly, Lloyd Loar-signed F-5 models are the Stradivari of the mandolin world–especially the 50 or so instruments dated July 9th, 1923. 

Features of the 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue include a hand-selected red spruce top, a highly figured maple back, an authentic varnished Cremona Brown finishand silver-plated hardware. Despite the cutting-edge technology employed in the scanning process, building these instruments is a labor of love for the luthiers of Gibson Custom Shop, and most of the work is carried out by hand. 

“It’s a lot of handwork,” says David Harvey, Gibson Custom Master Luthier and mandolin virtuoso. “It’s passionate people who want to do a great job to recreate something, and it is a piece of art—it’s functional art. It’s a beautiful instrument from top to bottom. We’re not copying, we’re recreating.”

Orville Gibson invented the modern mandolin, and Gibson Master Luthier Lloyd Loar perfected it with the invention of the Gibson F-5 mandolin over 100 years ago. Enter the new 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue, an exacting clone of the priceless originals that only Gibson Custom Shop could create. Every contour and spec are incorporated thanks to scientific analysis, 3D scanning of original models, and detailed production notes from Lloyd Loar himself found in the Gibson archives. The talented artisans of Gibson Custom Shop meticulously construct and refine each mandolin contour until it is a perfect representation, not only in looks but also in sound and feel. Features include a hand-selected red spruce top and highly figured maple back, an authentic varnished Cremona Brown finish, silver-plated hardware, a replica hardshell case, and an assortment of vintage-inspired case candy is included in the package.

The 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue Mandolin from Gibson Custom Shop.
The 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue Mandolin from Gibson Custom Shop.

Modern Collection version of Gibson’s iconic F-5 mandolin design and setting the industry standard for today’s mandolin players, the F-5G revisits the iconic F-5 designthrough a modern lens. Finished in Dark Burst gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, the F-5G’s contours and construction have been refreshed for optimal acoustic response. The neck and body are made from figured red maple and are coupled with a Sitka spruce top. Player-friendly specifications include an unbound ebony fingerboard with a 14-degree radius, no pickguard, and a short fingerboard extension.

Both the Gibson 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue and F-5G mandolins come complete with a hardshell case and are available to buy now via The 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue also features an assortment of vintage-inspired case candy. 

Explore the 1923 F-5 Master Model Reissue and F-5G mandolins from Gibson Custom ShopHERE.














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