Gibson to Showcase Les Paul Reference Monitors at CES 2015

Published 9 years ago on November 24, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

Gibson Brands look to showcase the new Les Paul Reference Monitors at the upcoming International CES in January. The Les Paul Reference Monitors use carbon-coated titanium tweeters and non-woven carbon woofers and will be available in a choice of three sizes (LP4), (LP6) and (LP8) and in three colours; cherry, tobacco sunburst, and cherry sunburst. 

(PRESS RELEASE): Gibson Brands, Inc. continues to honor the roots of Les Paul, who first pioneered the solid body electric guitar and later introduced multitrack recording with the release of the Gibson Les Paul Reference Monitors, which carry on his name as a synonym for creativity and passion for music. Find the Les Paul Monitors at the CES 2015 (Gibson Tent, CP1/Central Plaza).

Take a look at the sound engineer, the producer, the musician, or the fan who loves a great listening experience. All of them share one dream: to have the one reliable reference monitor that they trust and enjoy. In the studio, and at home.

Combining 200 years of expertise in guitar, studio monitor, and home speaker manufacturing, Gibson Brands created a line of monitors that satisfy the needs of the true audio professionals and music enthusiasts alike. These monitors represent a new level of performance and were made to become the personal reference, whether you are mixing or recording, producing, being an artist, or simply listening to your music at home.

The monitors represent superior definition with the iconic Les Paul styling, utilizing superior material, including diamond-like carbon coated titanium tweeters, non-woven carbon woofers, and custom-made amplification to ensure ultra-clean transient impulse response and large headroom. The Les Paul Reference Monitors will be available in three different sizes and multiple color variations, like cherry, tobacco sunburst, and cherry sunburst. Enjoy!

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