Free v2.1 Firmware Update for POD ® HD500, POD HD Pro and POD HD Multi-effects Now Available

Published 8 years ago on October 23, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Free v2.1 Firmware Update for POD ® HD500, POD HDPro and POD HD Multi-effects Now Available -

Available immediately for download at, the free v2.1 firmwareupdate for POD® HD500, POD HD Pro and POD HD provides five new HDamps-bringing the total HD amp count to 30-as well as revolutionaryperformance options.

The v2.1 update features three stunning new HD amps based on*the distinctive clean, crunch and overdrive tones of the Soldano®SLO100, one of the most coveted premium amps of the modern era. Twocustom-designed originals, Line 6 Doom and Line 6 Epic, round outthe POD family's selection of high-gain amps.**

POD HD500 and POD HD Pro now integrate with StageSourceâ„¢loudspeakers in revolutionary ways. Musicians can instantly recallStageSource Smart Speaker modes via POD HD presets, makingStageSource and POD HD500 or HD Pro the ultimate integrated FRFR(Full Range Flat Response) guitar system.

Musicians can switch from a full-range acoustic sound for theverse of a song to a dialed-in 2 x 12" guitar cabinet for thechorus, with just the press of a footswitch. They can also changeto Keyboard mode for dramatic guitar synth soundscapes. At lowvolumes and high decibel levels, the flat frequency response meansguitar tones will sound the same during performance as they did inthe studio. Users can also connect multiple StageSource speakersvia L6 LINKâ„¢ to facilitate wet/dry or wet/dry/wet setups andmore.

Users of POD HD500, POD HD Pro and POD HD can downloadthe free v2.1 firmware update now.




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