Fender Honours Jazz Giant George Benson with Signature Combo Amplifier & Enclosure

Published 8 years ago on October 2, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Fender Honours Jazz Giant George Benson with SignatureCombo Amplifier & Enclosure -

Fender announces the release of the GB Hot Rod Deluxe combo and GBHot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure - two elegant performance machinesdesigned in close collaboration with Grammy Award-winning jazzguitar virtuoso George Benson. 

"When I plug my guitar through this amplifier, it gives meeverything I'm looking for: punch, power and tonality," saidBenson. "The fact that Fender allowed me to design the covering andthe amplifier's looks is outstanding."

Meticulously engineered, the GB Hot Rod Deluxe is a striking40-watt 1x12 combo outfitted in a gray-black vinyl covering,silver-strand grille cloth and a classy GB logo badge. It has thefull bottom-end characteristic of 6L6 tubes, and a versatileall-tube preamp including a 12AT7 up front for cleaner tone,especially with humbucking pickups. A 100-watt Jensen® C12K speakerhandles the immediacy of Benson's singing soloing style withclarity and range, and the solid-pine cabinet increases tonalresonance while reducing weight.

The GB Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure mates perfectly with the GBHot Rod Deluxe combo, and adds fullness bass response and widerstage coverage. It is a closed-back cab neatly dressed ingray-black vinyl covering and silver-strand grille cloth with a GBlogo badge, and is equipped with a Jensen C12K 100-watt speaker andsolid pine construction for lighter weight.

"Just to have my name on these is enough prestige for aguitar player from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania," Bensonquipped.

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