Epiphone Announces November Giveaways

Published 10 years ago on November 1, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Epiphone Announces November Giveaways -

Epiphone’s 140th Anniversary continues with a spectacular November giveaway featuring two of Epiphone’s critically acclaimed packs: the Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Player Pack and the SG “Goth” Performance Pack. 

 “Both the PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Player Pack and the SG “Goth” Performance Pack are awesome all-in-one packages for new players,” said Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg.

Unlike a lot of so called ‘starter packs’ out there, both the PR-4E and the SG are designed from the ground up by Epiphone luthiers. These are excellent guitars with great amps and they’re made with the same attention to quality that all our instruments receive.”

During the month of November, contestants can enter the giveaway by visiting and simply entering their email on the contest page.  Winners will be chosen at the start of December, 2013.

Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Player Pack:

The Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Player Pack has been a best seller since its first release over a decade ago for giving beginners a chance to learn on a guitar that has both professional sound and quality construction at a great price.

The PR-4E features a select Spruce top. The ‘top’ of any acoustic guitar is the source of its ‘voice’ and acts as a kind of soundboard. Spruce is one of the preferred tonewoods when making acoustic guitars for its ability to hold up to hours of playing time in all kinds of venues and still project a rich tone. The PR-4E’s select Spruce top is supported by vintage style X-bracing—just like vintage Epiphone Masterbilts--which not only supports the top but also gives the PR-4E considerable volume and balance for its size. It’s a perfect guitar for singer-songwriters too, and thanks to the quality construction and combination of Spruce and Mahogany, the PR-4E doesn’t suffer from sounding “boomy” or “scooped” like other beginner’s guitars.  The Venetian cutaway allows easy reach to the upper frets and gives the PR-4E a distinctive profile that’s both modern and classic.

The PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Player Pack comes with an Epiphone Studio Acoustic-15C amp, a power-perfect 15-watt acoustic guitar amp with a specially designed 8” speaker in a closed-back cabinet. The amp includes 2 inputs—both a ¼” instrument cable input (included) and an XLR (mic) cable input--with individual volume controls for each channel, an EQ section, as well as a ¼ headphone input, features seldom found in other packs. The Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Player Pack also includes an Epiphone gig bag, chromatic tuner, strap, picks, and a 1/4" guitar cable.

And to top it off, the PR-4E Player Pack comes with a comprehensive instructional DVD with easy guitar lessons so beginners can dive in right and start playing!

SG “Goth” Performance Pack:

Epiphone’s “Goth” SG Performance Pack has everything you need to take on the electric guitar world in a serious way, including a genuine Epiphone “Goth” SG-Special Ltd electric guitar featuring two classic Epiphone designed humbucker pickups with a KillpotTM control for “machine gun/stutter” effects, and a full-on, equally menacing 15-watt Epiphone Electar guitar amp with reverb.

The “Goth” SG-Special Ltd is both a hard rock and heavy metal favorite, renown for its monstrous tone thanks to two open-coil humbuckers and a solid wood body with the classic SG profile. Together, they produce that one-of-a-kind heavy duty SG tone.

The Electar amp’s Overdrive and Clean channels are controlled by an easy-to-use Channel Selector Button on the front of the amp.  The Overdrive channel has both Volume and Drive controls. You’ll find every era of classic rock distortion and crunch with easy adjustments. The higher you go, the harder the sound.

Epiphone also includes a guitar cable, a clip-on headstock chromatic tuner, an Epiphone guitar strap, medium picks and an easy-to-carry gigbag. And best of all for new players, the Epiphone “Goth” SG Performance Pack comes with free downloadable guitar lessons from eMedia.

The eMedia introductory guitar lessons offer easy instructional videos covering rock, blues, folk, country, hard rock, metal and everything in-between. The eMedia software includes powerful, new interactive feedback on melodies and a full complement of helpful tools such as the new Note Tracker and Finger Tracker, which show you what you’re playing in staff notation and also on an animated fretboard. This amazing technology tracks your progress through the song as you play!

This holiday season, the price for the Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Player Pack is $199.00.

The price for the Epiphone SG “Goth” Performance Pack is $259.00

Visit for details and throughout November and enter for your chance to win a classic Player Pack or Performance Pack from Epiphone!


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