Epigaze Audio Unveils the Effigy Delay

Published 7 years ago on August 18, 2015

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): In a world full of delay pedals with endless options and tweakability, players who crave simplicity are left in the dust. Effigy fills this void by offering classic clean digital delay tones without all of the bells & whistles, and leaves you with the bare essentials to accentuate your playing. Effigy features two exterior controls for delay time, number of repeats, and an internal control to set your dry/wet mix to your liking so you can set it once and forget about it. Delay trails are a standard feature and the bypass level can be adjusted as well to compensate for your signal chain.

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  • Standard 9vDC Input
  • Buffered Bypass
  • Delay Trails
  • Simple Controls
  • Internal Dry/Wet & bypass volume controls
  • Quality Components
  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • Hand Wired in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

 For more information on Epigaze Audio's Effigy Delay


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