Electro-Harmonix Release the Deluxe Bass Big Muff PI

Published 8 years ago on November 22, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Electro-Harmonix Release the Deluxe Bass Big Muff PI-

EHX's new Deluxe Bass Big Muff is the latest in the line of bassspecific effects and delivers enhancements to the classic Bass BigMuff Pi that are specifically tailored to the needs of the modernbass player.

The new pedal adds to the Bass Big Muff's Volume, Tone andSustain controls beginning with a pad on the input that isswitchable between 0dB and -10dB. This ensures that the pedal isequally effective with both passive and active pickups.

Blend allows the player to mix to taste the direct and distortedsignals. With three outputs:  a 1/4″ effect out, 1/4″ direct(buffered dry) out and XLR DI out, the player has complete controlof their output signal and sound. A built-in noise gate withadjustable threshold eliminates unwanted hum.

The foot-switchable crossover section with a variable low passfilter on the dry signal and a variable high pass filter on thedistorted signal gives the bassist the ability to sculpt theirsound. This Crossover circuit, in conjunction with the Blend, alsoenables the player to keep the low-end clear and focused with theLow Pass Filter and the high-end bright and cutting with the HighPass Filter.

The new Deluxe Bass Big Muff pedal is housed in a solid die-castpackage, equipped with a 9-volt battery, can be powered by anoptional standard 9.6-Volt/DC200mA AC adapter and carries a U.S.list price of $153.20.


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