Electro-Harmonix Introduce 8 Step Program Control Sequencer

Published 8 years ago on March 14, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

PRESS RELEASE - EHX's new 8 StepProgram connects to the expression pedal or Control-Voltage inputon another device delivering sequencer control over parameters thatrespond to expression pedals or CV generators such as oscillators,filters, delay parameters, etc. With eight independent sliders,each controlling a sequence step, the pedal can turn an auto-wahinto a step filter, a tremolo into a varying rhythmic pulse effector a pitch-shifter into an arpeggiator. 

8-Step Program RGB

Sequences can be modified with the pedal'smulti-function Mode switch that delivers control over sequencelength, direction, depth and glide rate. There are four directionmodes available: forward, reverse, bounce and random.

Sequence rate can be set with the Rate slider, TapTempo footswitch, or via MIDI clock which permits syncing to anexternal device like a drum machine. Five Tap Tempo Divide modesadd rhythmic diversity. An expression pedal/CV input enablesexternal, real-time control of rate, depth, glide, and sequencelength.

8-Step Foot Controller RGB

The main unit can save, store and recall 10 userpresets. The optional 8 Step Program Foot Controller, whichreceives its power from the 8 Step Program via a standard guitarcable, expands presets to 100.

The new 8 Step Program pedal with a U.S. List Priceof $164.51 and companion Foot Controller at $83.74 will be releasedin February. Both feature solid die-cast construction and thesequencer includes a 9.6DC-200mA power supply. 

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