Dunlop Expands Accessories Range with New Strings and Tonebars for 2013

Published 8 years ago on February 21, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Dunlop Expands Accessories Range with New Strings andTonebars for 2013 -

Accessory kings Dunlop are spoiling musicians everywhere in 2013with the release of a great new range of USA-made bass strings andtonebars.

The Heavy Core Bass Strings line is designed for rock and metalplayers who like to downtune and dig in to their strings for a hugelow end sound. Instead of simply making thicker strings, Dunlopdeveloped specific core-to-wrap ratios that deliver the optimalbalance of tone and tension, meaning the strings maintain a naturalfeel while providing punchy lows, articulate mids and crunchy highswhen tuned below E standard.

Heavy Core bass strings are available from Spring 2013 priced at£29.99rrp in the following gauges: Heavy (45-105), Heavier (55-115)and Heaviest (55-120).

Dunlop Heavy Core Bass Strings (1)

Meanwhile, Dunlop's new Tapered B Bass Strings come in 5 and6-string sets, and feature higher tension for tighter lows,increased sustain and more accurate intonation. The 5-string(£29.99rrp, gauges 45-125) and 6-string (£34.99rrp, gauges 30-130)sets are both available in nickel or stainless steel, so there'ssomething for every type of bassist here.

Dunlop Tapered B Bass Strings

For six-stringers, Dunlop's Mudslide line is now bolstered by twonew Tonebars: the Classic and the ceramic/glass Hybrid.

Ceramic has long been a favoured material among slide playersfor its rich warm tone on both electric and acoustic instruments,and the Mudslide Classic Style Tonebar (£44.99rrp) brings thesequalities to the lap and pedal steel player's world for new anddynamic sounds. A glaze coating over its playing surface increasessustain and provides a smooth and fast surface to glide over thestrings.

The Mudslide Hybrid Tonebar combines the singing brightness ofglass with the rich and full resonating tone of ceramic. Thislightweight tonebar's handle is unglazed bisque, providing a porousand gripping material that absorbs sweat and reduces handfatigue.

Dunlop Tonebars 2013
Available from Spring 2013, these new accessories show Dunlop'sunfaltering desire to provide musicians with everything they needto get on with making the best music they can - with the bestmaterials available. Make sure you check them out when you nextvisit your local music store!

Dunlop's extensive accessory range is distributed in the UK andEire by John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. For more information,visit the JHS website.


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