Dual Overdrive & Distortion by DLS Effects

Published 10 years ago on March 12, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

DLS Effects has announced the release of the new Reckless Driver Overdrive/Distortion effect.

It’s an Overdrive when you want it, and a Reckless Distortion when you need it!

The beauty of this effect is that by using the clean Mix and Gain controls, you can set your tone clean with a full warm tube sound, or rich Overdriven tones, or heavy biting “Reckless” distortion for leads, and anything in between!

The Attack switch is a subtle control that changes the edge and brightness, and can even make solid state sound like a tube amp! Couple this with extra wide, dynamic Bass and Treble controls, plus separate Normal and Boost Channels, and you end up with one powerful effect!

• Normal Channel with its own VOLUME, GAIN, and MIX pots to achieve clean to overdrive or distortion tones.

(the Normal volume drives the Boost channel. This makes the boost volume relative to the normal volume.

• Boost Channel with its own VOLUME, GAIN, and MIX pots to achieve clean to overdriven or distortion tones

(Normal channel drives into Boost channel) **Warning: this channel can get “Reckless”!!

• Boost Switch: Switches between Normal and Boost channels on the fly, even if the effect is bypassed (Off)

• Bass control: Full range bass with dynamic tone response

• Treble control: Wide range treble with dynamic tone response

• Attack switch: when high attack (switch right), there is slightly more attack and brightness. This subtle change

makes tube amps more aggressive & brighter, or the edge required to make solid state amp sound like a tube

amp! Most dynamic with high GAIN!

• On/Off: True Bypass switching utilizes high quality 3P3T switch. (no tone sucking when switched Off)

• IN, OUT: high quality standard ¼” Amphenol guitar jacks.

• High Head Room: Internal volt charge pump to 13vdc for clear, but warm overdrive/distortion without clipping.

• Power: 9vdc to 12vdc input @ 20ma. Standard 2.1mm jack. any polarity! Can be used with most pedal board

supplies. (USA style wall transformer included)

• Size: Extremely compact and measures only 3.7”W x 4.7”L x 1.7”H

• Case material: Quality die cast aluminum finished with power coat painting for durable finish.

• Weight: Extremely light and compact, weighing only 1.5 lbs. 



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