DiMarzio To Release Steve Vai Gravity Storm Pickups

Published 9 years ago on August 2, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine



DiMarzio, Inc. announced itwill release two new Gravity Storm™ humbucking pickups for electricguitars in mid-August. The Gravity Storm™ Neck and Bridge Modelpickups were designed for Steve Vai. The pickups are named after asong on his new CD, Steve Vai: The Story of Light, that will bereleased on August 14, 2012 by Vai's Favored Nations label.

The Gravity Storm™ is the next step in Steve Vai's pickupevolution. Vai used to speak of pickup sounds in terms of specificfrequency responses, but now he describes them in terms of flavorsand textures. The flavor of The Gravity Storm™ Neck Model (DP252)is sweet and warm, but the texture has an edge to it. Thecombination of fat neck position tone with harmonics gives theGravity Storm™ Neck Model an unusual throaty quality that soundslike a cross between a humbucker and a single-coil.

Steve described the sound he wanted from his new Gravity Storm™Bridge Model (DP253) pickup as "a thundering cloud of ice cream".It is very much a plug and play pickup - it does not require a lotof tweaking to get a great sound. Because the highs are very fat,it is possible to increase treble response on one's amp withoutlosing tone and sustain on the high frets.

DiMarzio's new Gravity Storm™ Neck and Bridge Model pickups aremade in the U.S.A. and will be available August 15, 2012 and They will go on sale fromall DiMarzio dealers on September 17, 2012. Suggested List Pricefor each pickup is $115. For more information about Gravity Storm™pickups, visit the DiMarzio website at




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