Devin Townsend drops news on new album, graphic novel and movie

Published 2 years ago on June 23, 2022

By Jonathan Graham

It looks like someone has been busy throughout lockdown, as Devin Townsend reveals plans for not only one new full-length music release in early 2021 but also an accompanying graphic novel and movie.

Guitar Interactive recently caught up with Hevy Devy to discuss his current state of being during the pandemic. During the chat (which can be viewed in full below), Townsend talked about his forthcoming album 'The Puzzle.' 

"What I have made, called 'The Puzzle,' is abstract stream-of-conscience, super complicated, complex, ambient, nonsense, and it has a movie and a graphic novel. Devin goes on to state, "If it was anything other than abstract, chaotic, nonsense, I think I would have been full of shit[…]because how I feel right now is abstract and chaotic, you know, fighting for emotional equilibrium. So that is what I wrote, and as a result of that, it is exactly what I should have written." 

With an on-sale date tentatively scheduled for March of next year, pre-sales are expected to begin in January according to Devin. 

Elaborating on the forthcoming companion film to 'The Puzzle,' which he is "trying to get onto Netflix," Townsend describes, "It's kind of a combo of the two," concerning the mix of live-action and animation format of the project. "I took these abstract pieces of art that Travis Smith [Devin's longtime artist collaborator] had done, and then put a filter on them in Premiere Pro that basically fills in all the negative space with colours and shapes. We do massive zooms on parts of it and that becomes a landscape, then we make it three-dimensional. After that, we take these pieces of art and turn them into environments and animate them with stick people. Those stick people are meant to represent really basic mundane human activities amidst this imposing, terrifying landscapes. The music then becomes a soundtrack to that.

If the promise of all that new Devin Townsend content isn't enough for you, then fear not, as Townsend also has an acoustic live show later today. The Canadian prog icon recently checked in with the following announcement:

"Hey all, as this year grinds to a chaotic close, I think it would be nice to do a more chilled out show for the holidays. If any of you caught the acoustic tours I had been doing over the past few years, I would like to do something like that for this stream. It has been five Quarantine concerts so far this year, and I'm wanting to bring this one back to the vibe of the first few. I know it's a trying time lately, and it's easy to let the thoughts get away from us, but let's try to have a lovely afternoon and I'll play you some songs. Half of the proceeds will go to the food bank, as they need it now more than ever in many ways. I hope to see you there."

Townsend has posted a video update revealing his plans for the live stream. Check it out below.

Devin's Christmas Special kicks off today (December 23rd) at 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 21:00 GMT / 22:00 CET. Tickets are 10 USD each and can be purchased here:​ Half of the proceeds will go to the food bank.

Townsend has held numerous Quarantine concerts via live stream this year, with one being an all-request show, and the other three supporting the North Shore University Hospital in New York State, the NHS in the UK and the Vancouver General Hospital respectively. His first live stream Quarantine concert was able to raise a total of $45,000 for the hospital.



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