Dean Markley USA Adds Contemporary Jazz Guitarist Jeff Richman

Published 10 years ago on April 11, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

Dean Markley announces the addition of Jeff Richman to their artist roster. As a contemporary jazz guitarist, Dean Markley USA looks to Jeff to help further expand the company’s market share and help raise Jeff’s visibility in the world of guitar and entertainment.

Jeff Richman has enjoyed success on the jazz scene for nearly 35 years. His guitar playing is cited as tasteful and articulate, with room to breathe. He is recognized by, and associated with, the other luminaries of fusion and contemporary jazz. His guitar is heard the world over. On his new release, Big Wheel, his tone rises above with something unique that can’t quite be described. His efforts for The Line Up won him the Jazziz magazine’s Critic Choice in 2011. Jeff is recognized as a guitarist and composer not afraid of exploring into the unknown.

 Jeff is currently using Dean Markley’s Helix line. With over a year of research and development, Helix strings use a precise elliptical shape for the winding wire. The shape then has to be paired with the correct winding process. The hyper-elliptical winding process results in an increased number of wraps along the length of the string. This increases the mass of the string without changing its diameter or material. More mass makes a fuller tone; more windings give a smoother feel as well as a brighter, more resonant tone.  Additional benefits of the hyper-elliptical windings are a relaxed feel and less unwanted noise. The strings are designed to last much longer without sacrificing tone and performance.  

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