David Lee Roth Explains Reason For Postponed Van Halen Tour

Published 12 years ago on May 21, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

David Lee Roth posted a video this weekend explaining themysteriously postponed dates on Van Halen's tour. 

Last Thursday, the band abruptly postponed all the tour datesafter their July 26th show in New Orleans, pulling more than 30dates from their schedule including shows in Milwaukee, Detroit,Cleveland, Salt Lake City and El Paso. They offered no explanationfor the postponement at the time.

Rolling Stone reported through sources close to the tour thatthe reason for the cancellations were due to band members "aurguinglike mad" and even Sammy Hagar weighed in, telling The AssociatedPress: "They're hard people to get along with, those brothers.Otherwise I'd still be in the band.". Roth insists otherwise in thevideo. "The band is getting along famously," he says, "better thanwe have in quite some time."

The true cause for the disruption, he explains, is simplyexhaustion. 

"As usual, we bit off way more than we could chew when it cameto scheduling. The band is winning, but our schedule has beensidelined for unnecessary roughness," he says. "We're gonna take abreak and we're gonna come all the way back around, because thistour is gonna take about two years."




Photo : Matt Smith


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