Danish Effects Manufacturer T-Rex Introduce The Replicator

Published 7 years ago on December 18, 2015

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): The Replicator by T-Rex is the ultimate analogue tape echo unit- complete with motor, magnetic heads and tape cartridge. It has been designed to createthe sound of old echo machines, but surpass them in features.

Previously musicians looking for the warmth of analogue tape delay had to tolerate vintage products with cumbersome size, weight and reliability issues, coupled with complicated operation. Replicator rejects the cumbersome desktop bulk of most analogue machines for a simple floor pedal unit with easy to use features, and tape cartridgesthat can be replaced in seconds without additional tools.

Each ‘Handcrafted in Denmark,’ true bypass pedal features 2 tape heads to give 3 output modes of operation and up to 1200ms delay times. There is Tap Tempo for changing delay times on the fly, and a switchable Chorus effectsimulates the desirable wow-and-flutter effect found on older, worn tape delays.

Additionally, two expression pedal inputs bring real-time control of delay time and feedback to the player’s feet, giving instant access to a plethora of synth-noise and dub-reggae sound effects.

The Replicator is not limited to guitar inputs; the circuit’s high headroom enables you to use this pedal for processing line signals like keyboards and preamps. A ‘Kill Dry’ button aids use in parallel effects loops.

The difference between a super precise, accurate digital echo and The Replicator is the degree of unpredictability that comes in the sound of analogue tape. It has a life of its own, a personality that translates into a very natural sounding echo that feels as much like an instrument as a sound effect.

Spec at a glance:

  • 100% analog signal
  • True bypass
  • Two playbackheads for three modes of operation
  • Tap tempo
  • Kill dry switch
  • Expression pedal control of time and feedback

For more information on The Replicator by T-Rex.


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