BOSS Displays RC-202 Loop Station

Published 5 years ago on June 24, 2016

By Jonathan Graham

BOSS (Booth 923) is showing the RC-202 Loop Station, the newest addition to the BOSS lineup of live looping devices. The two-track RC-202 offers the look and tabletop interface style of the flagship RC-505 Loop Station, and features multi-effects, external control capabilities, and more. Compact and powerful, the RC-202 is well suited for club and electronica performers, beatboxers, and other looping musicians.

The RC-202 features two stereo loops with dedicated fingertip controls and dynamic status indicators. It also includes 64 phrase memories for storing and recalling live loop creations, organized in eight different banks for easy access while performing. Loops can be saved to the current phrase memory without ever stopping playback, allowing users to save and switch memories to perform advanced song structures and evolving arrangements.

Equipped with extensive multi-effects capabilities, the RC-202 offers more real-time processing than any other BOSS Loop Station. Four Input FX and four Track FX can be used simultaneously, and numerous effects types are available for loop creation and playback.

During loop recording, the sound can be enhanced with Input FX like P. Shift, Lo-Fi, Ring Mod, and more. Track FX such as Beat, Filter, Slicer, and others provide DJ and sampler effects for high-impact processing during playback. The effects can be quickly adjusted with large knobs, and turned on/off via dedicated panel buttons. 

The RC-202 includes 17 onboard rhythms that can be used as backing for loop recording and jamming. The rhythm part can be directly routed to the rear-panel Phones jack to provide a dedicated click track for monitoring purposes.

The RC-202’s panel is equipped with numerous buttons and knobs for hands-on creative control while looping. There’s also a jack for connecting up to two footswitches or an expression pedal. Via MIDI, extensive control is possible from a MIDI foot controller or keyboard. MIDI also allows for synchronization with an RC-505 or a second RC-202, as well as drum machines and other devices.

Inputs include an XLR microphone jack with phantom power, mono/stereo instrument inputs, and a stereo mini-jack for connecting a smartphone or other device. All inputs can be used simultaneously to capture a variety of different sources into loops.

The RC-202’s USB port allows users to connect to a computer and import/export WAV audio phrases. This provides backup for loop recordings and the ability to load up RC-202 phrases with backing tracks and one-shot phrases. The RC-202 also functions as a USB audio/MIDI interface, making it easy integrate with music software for stage performing with a laptop, audio recording, MIDI sync, and more.

For more information BOSS' RC-202 Loop Station.



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