Blackmore’s Night Set To Celebrate 20th Anniversary with Double Disc C

Published 6 years ago on September 8, 2017

By Jonathan Graham

Blackmore’s Night will release a new double-disc compilation to coincide with their 20th anniversary.

‘To The Moon and Back: 20 Years and Beyond’ will be released on August 11th and will feature a mix of previously released material, re-recordings plus new material.

New songs to feature on the 20th anniversary record come in the form of ‘Ghost Of John,’ which features the vocals of Richie’s 6 year old daughter, Autumn Blackmore, plus a reworking of ‘Pomp And Circumstance March No.1’ and a cover of Rainbow’s ‘I Surrender.’

There’s also re-recorded versions of ‘Moonlight Shadow,’ ‘Somewhere Over The Sea,’ ‘Coming Home,’ and ‘Writing On The Wall’ alongside Blackmore’s Night classic including ‘Shadow Of The Moon,’ ‘Ghost Of A Rose,’ and ‘Under A Violet Moon’ as well as a new live version of ‘Home Again.’

The special edition release also comes with a ‘collectors’ booklet made up of cuttings of live band photos, back stage passes and tour flyers. A behind-the-scenes bonus video of the band is also included.

On the release, Blackmore’s Night founders, husband and wife duo, Richie and Candice said;

"We hope you enjoy this musical journey down memory lane from 'Shadow Of The Moon'… our first release… through our brand new 2017 versions of old favorites and a new surprise song. 20 years of memorable music and beyond...”

"To The Moon And Back: 20 Years And Beyond…" track listing:


01. Shadow Of The Moon
02. Spirit Of The Sea
03. Renaissance Faire
04. Play Minstrel Play
05. Under A Violet Moon
06. Spanish Nights
07. Fires At Midnight
08. Ghost Of A Rose
09. Cartouche
10. Village Lanterne
11. The Circle
12. 25 Years
13. Dandelion Wine
14. Home Again (live)

CD 2:

01. I Surrender (bonus track) 
02. Moonlight Shadow (2017 version)
03. Somewhere Over The Sea (2017 version) 
04. Writing On The Wall (2017 version) 
05. Coming Home (2017 version) 
06. Ghost Of John (bonus track) 
07. Minstrel Hall 
08. Possum Goes To Prague 
09. Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus 
10. Nur eine Minute 
11. Village Dance 
12. Land Of Hope And Glory (2017 single version) 
13. Bonus Video



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