AweSome Musical Instruments Releases Les Paul Upgrade

Published 10 years ago on December 24, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

AweSome Musical Instruments Releases Les Paul Upgrade -

AweSome Musical Instruments has released an upgrade for Les Paul style guitars with two 4-wire humbucker pickups to give you 68 pickup tones.  It gives you over three times more pickup tones than the “Jimmy Page” mod and is a much easier to install and use.

The upgrade pictured is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard model guitar. The stock two 2-wire humbucker pickups were removed and replaced with two 4-wire humbucker pickups.  The AweSome T4 Pickup Switch UpgradeTM now gives you a whopping 68 pickup tones.

The lower Volume and Tone controls were permanently removed to free up the needed body cavity space for the upgrade.  One Volume and Tone control is a simpler way manage all the pickup coils.  The 3-way switch no longer functions, but it was not removed so the guitar appeared more “stock.”

This upgrade product lets you get virtually every pickup tone ever created on your upgraded guitar:

Blues, Jazz, Metal, Surf, Country, Glass-Shattering Tin-Canny, and dozens of additional pickup tones.

This upgrade also gives you the Signature Sound of all the guitar gods since the 1940s.

The intermediate difficulty level for installing this upgrade requires using a soldering iron, hand tools, an electric drill, ohmmeter, and be able to follow pictorial diagrams and schematics. Piezoelectric pickups or active (i.e., battery powered) pickups cannot be used with this upgrade.


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