Amazing New 3D Printed Guitars From New Zealand

Published 11 years ago on June 22, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

 A brand new rangeof intricately designed guitars have been releasedby a company called ODD from New Zealand. The company runby design engineer Olaf Diegel feature forms andstructures that wouldn't be possible using conventional buildmethods, including a spiders web like construction complete withresident spiders. Scroll down the page to look at these amazingdesigns and watch the demo video.

The guitars, which are completely customizable arecurrently just prototypes but are still 100% playable.

These guitar designs have joined a growing list ofimpressive objects that have been created by new 3D printers.Diegel, describes himself as "a long-standing design engineerwith a passion for 3D printing" and is professor of mechtronics andMassey University in Auckland, New Zealand.

With the help of a EOS Formiga P100 selective lasersintering system, Diegel was able to print sturdy and complex partsfor the Spider and Scarab electric guitars, from the little insectsinside the body to the structure that holds it up. The bodies aremade of Polyamide 2200 or Alumide.

Also on the site is a red printed guitar called theAtom 3D. This Les Paul-style guitar features a wooden core - with achoice of Mahogany, Alder or Mable - and the body can be printed ina variety of colors.

For more information visit

Atom 5small


The Atom 3D printed guitar: A Les Paul style guitar withan internal atom with spinning electrons. The bodies are printed,using Selective Laser Sintering, by 3D Systems in the USA, on ansPro 230 SLS system. The material being used for these guitars isDuraform PA which is a very strong form of Nylon. The resolutionfor the prints was 0.1mm (which means that each layer that makes upthe guitar body is 0.1mm thick). The guitars feature a wooden innercore (choices of Mahogany, Alder or Maple, etc.), which allows usto customize the tone of the instrument to suit the musician, and anumber of options for hardware, etc.


Atom 1small






Atomwhite 5small


Atomwhite 1small


Atomblack 5small


Atomwhite 1small




The Spider can be fitted with your choice of neck and hardware.One of the beauties of 3D printing is that it allows us torelatively easily customise the guitar to suit your needs. In thecase of the Spider, we can customize the headstock logo, or addanything you want onto the space on the back of the guitar, ormodify almost anything else you want...




Spiderblue 3small


The Spider 3D printed guitar was designed specifically forlaser sintering, one of the common 3D printing technologies thatallows for the manufacture of full strength, extremely complexparts. The entire body, including all the little spiders inside thebody, was printed as a single component, which could not bemanufactured any other way.







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