Add 76 Pickup Tones To Your Fender Modern Player Marauder

Published 12 years ago on August 14, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

A new upgrade has just been released for theFender  Modern Player Marauder guitar. Itcontains  AweSome MusicalInstruments  Pickup SwitchUpgrade product and instantly gives you 1,520 percentmore pickup tones on your instrument.

This upgrade is for a standard Modern Player Marauder guitar.It is a 3-ply white pearloid pickguard and includes a speciallydesigned T4-Switch. You just connect your pickup wires to theterminal strip and "drop it in" with  no solderingneeded

The MRP-T4 pickup switch upgrade will give you completecontrol over the two humbuckers that come pre-installed on theFender Modern Player Marauder. By manipulating the pickup coils andutilizing its tone shaping circuitry, this pickup upgrade will letyou reproduce various tones that normally only come from otherguitar models. It is meant to turn your guitar into a versatileinstrument that can tackle any type of music.

According to the website, the installation only takes thirtyminutes. Connect your pickup wires to the solderless terminal stripfollowing the downloaded Installation Instructions, and after that,they guarantee that an alternate tone dimension will instantly openup to you.

You can check out the demo video of the MRP-T4 below: 



Get more information at


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