3rd Power Announces RPO100 Tube Amplifier

Published 11 years ago on June 15, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

The new RPO100 is a 100-watthand-wired valve amplifier that deftly delivers both classic aswell as raw and heavy guitar tones.

3RD Power Amplification, has announced the release of theRPO100, a new hand-wired tube guitar amplifier. The new RPO100 is a100-watt hand-wired valve amplifier that deftly delivers bothclassic as well as raw and heavy guitar tones. The new RPO100brings 3RD POWER's innovative circuitry to large-formatamplification for recording and performing musicians. The RPO100will be available mid September, 2012 at the introductory price of$2,699.

The RPO100 is a hand-wired single channel tube amplifier headfeaturing DirecDRIVE, a proprietary preamplifier capable ofdelivering articulate classic-era guitar tones as well as crispheavily distorted tones free from the noise typically associatedwith similar devices. Further enhancing the DirecDRIVE circuitry,the new MID EQ dual switch network allows guitarists greaterversatility in shaping complex midrange frequencies. Whendisengaged, the tone-stack behaves predictably as a classic-eraplexi type amplifier. Engage switch one to create a -3dB cut at300Hz. Engage switch two to create a -3dB cut at 600Hz. Engage bothswitches to create a -6dB cut at 500Hz. Tone controls consist of,Treble, Middle and Bass. For the finishing touch, power amplifiertone controls include a Presence knob for high frequencies and aPush knob for low frequencies. According to Scott, "We took thePush control from our SV3015 power amp and incorporated it into theRPO so guitarist could have a huge yet tight low frequency pushthat never gets tubby." Overall volume settings are chosen via theMaster Volume control and the new Rocket knob: a foot-switchableand fully variable clean boost that resides in the power ampsection for a pure, clean power boost without changing your tone.Guitarists that prefer to achieve their clean sound by rolling backtheir volume knob will enjoy matching dirty to clean volume levelswith the Rocket control.

On the back panel, the RPO100 features an insert-style effectsloop. The power section consists of a fixed-bias E34L quad pairedwith a custom-voiced Mercury Magnetics output transformer with fullcomplement of 16, 8 and 4 ohm outputs. Power output is 100 watts.Also included on the back is a Line Output ¼" jack with Line Leveloutput control that makes easy work of multiple slave ampsetups.

The RPO100 amplifier is hand-wired in the USA and carries anintroductory street price of $2699. It will be available midSeptember, 2012.

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