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Introducing the Collider Delay+Reverb

Introducing the Collider Delay+Reverb:

A High-End Collection of Delay and Reverb Effects

?in a Single Pedal.

"Until now, the only way to access a high-end collection of reverbs and delays was to purchase two large, expensive pedals. We have broken through this barrier with Collider. Now you can have access to a collection of the best reverbs AND the best delays all in the same compact design." -Source Audio President Roger Smith

Here it is, the Collider Delay+Reverb!! We hand-picked the most popular and useful delay and reverb engines from our highly-regarded Ventris Dual Reverb and Nemesis Delay pedals and put them inside this sleek and powerful new pedal. The Collider features two completely independent 56-bit signal processors, essentially housing a high-powered reverb AND a high-powered delay pedal in a single box. This means that it is possible to create magnificent tones with any two-effect combination of delay/reverb, delay/delay, or reverb/reverb. And dual footswitches provide individual Engage/Bypass control over each effect, making it a perfect choice for live performance.

The Official Source Audio Demo of the Collider Delay+Reverb

The Collider offers 12 different effect engines. On the delay side, it includes vintage tones inspired by the Maestro EP-3 Echoplex© tape delay, the increasingly rare Oil Can delay design, and a classic analog bucket brigade circuit. The Collider's more contemporary delay effects include the pristine Digital Delay and a tripped-out Reverse Delay. On the Reverb side, the Collider offers highly-accurate models of tried-and-true reverb tones like Spring, Plate, and the Lexicon Hall©, natural replications of large and small acoustic spaces, and other-worldly, ambient dreamscape shapers like Shimmer, Swell, and E-Dome.

It also comes with an extremely useful set of features including stereo inputs and outputs, 8 user presets (or 128 presets accessible via MIDI messages), integrated tap tempo (with a 3-way beat division switch), Reverb Hold mode, full MIDI capability, external expression control, and external preset switching.

We cannot wait to hear what you do with this pedal.

Mike Hermans Demos the Collider Delay+Reverb



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