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Eventide Audio - Introducing the new Omnipressor!

Introducing the new Omnipressor®

Authentic emulation of the first dynamics studio effects processor from 1974. Omnipressor features Gating, Expansion, Limiting, Infinite Compression, and Dynamic Reversal. This new update adds a Mix control and Input/Output Gain knobs. Famously used by Bryan May, the Omnipressor has remained popular among some of the world's leading producers and engineers by offering variable expressive controls of all aspects of a signal's dynamics. Try a free 30-day demo.

Learn about the Omnipressor from its original inventor, Eventide founder, Richard Factor:

Explore the presets: 

Watch the overview and audio demo:

Watch the complete history of the Omnipressor:



Issue #75

Peter Green / Ivar Bjørnson

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