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Eventide H3000 Factory for $79 USD

Eventide H3000 Factory for $79 USD

H3000 Factory is a re-creation of several key algorithms from the H3000 combining pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering. It includes over 450 presets, including 100 presets from the original H3000. Now, for a limited time, you can save over 75% on a piece of music history.

“The crème de le crème of delay, pitch and almost anything related to special, time and pitch-based effects.”  Scott Kahn, Music Players

This plug-in is so valuable because it is so good at so many things… Chorus, flanging, phasing — it's all in there.”  Tape Op

"We've used the H3000 in more recordings than I can count. This plug-in is essential for any studio."  Warren Huart,"Produce like a Pro"

Please visit Eventide's website for more information and videos for the H3000:


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