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PRS Private Stock “Graveyard Limited” Guitar Released for Experience PRS 2018

PRS Private Stock “Graveyard Limited” Guitar Released for Experience PRS 2018

On the eve of the highly anticipated Experience PRS 2018 open house event, PRS Guitars has announced an 80 piece limited run of Private Stock “Graveyard” guitars. For this limited edition, the PRS Private Stock team has spec’d a beautiful, vintage-inspired McCarty 594 and are using a special selection of maple tops.


PRS recently purchased more than 150 curly maple tops from the outskirts of a Graveyard on top of a moun­tain on the East Coast of the USA. The Gravestones were dated around 1884, and the trees were clearly at least that old as they were forty feet to the first limb. The trees were logged in 2017, and the tops very closely resemble the wood used on guitars coming out of Kalamazoo in 1959.

“At first I thought the wood appeared to be some sort of sub-species of “Michigan” red maple, but with more thought it may just be the age of the tree. Regardless, these are Private Stock quality tops with medium wide to wide curl and extraordinary flame that has a beautiful iridescence to it,” said Paul Reed Smith.

Private Stock is releasing a little more than half of these tops for this 80-piece limited edition. Notable specifications include solid red abalone birds and head­stock eagle, curly maple binding along the fingerboard and veneer, and thin, vintage nitro Honey Gold Finish with a Dark Cherry Smoked Burst. For more information and to hear the Graveyard Limited, please visit



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